Double Echo


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Within an instant Double Echo will send your head spinning. Lush layerd guitar, synth and unmistakeably 80s drums all wash together beautifully under Chris Luna's (El Toro) low and at times distant vocal delivery. Double Echo are a duo completed by Ash (Zombina & The Skeletones) from Liverpool, England and a full album will be released in 2013.


released December 15, 2012

DOUBLE ECHO transport you, quickly, into a smokey, dimly lit basement club in the middle of the 1980′s with Black Morning, the title track of their new EP. Familiar, dance insistent, synth patterns and baritone vocals consume the room as you make come-get-me eyes at a fellow, rhythmically challenged, post punk night dweller.
Words by Jamal Guthrie

Double Echo’s most obvious traits lie, unsurprisingly for a music group, in their sound. Theirs is the sound of bedroom walls painted black, of fringes always being flicked away by spliff-bearing hands and of the ritual of self-enforced abject misery. It might even make you think of dusty old episodes of Top Of The Pops from the 80s that you’ve not actually seen.

Some comparisons are easy; Double Echo project the baritone drawl of Ian Curtis, the squawling, reverb-laden guitar of The Cult and the at times eerie and measured bass runs of The Fall. Is it original? Is it pastiche? Who cares? At least it’s good; a confident and assured blend that lends a certain mystique to the record. Opener Black Morning speeds away musically, but is locked into its groove by a vocal performance that jumps ahead and falls behind at will.

Without Ceremony’s beginning evokes the sound and feeling of losing your last credit on Space Invaders. The rest of the song is a breeze through dystopian hotel lobby paranoia that gets you up and exploring.

Double Echo? Not enough. You’ll be telling everyone.
Words by Joseph Viney



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