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DJ Mqt
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DJ Mqt One of the most beautiful creations this year - and it sounds good too! Favorite track: Solutions.
Adam Edwards
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Adam Edwards How is this so melodic when it's so bleak? It's so GOOD! Favorite track: What I See.
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3 Exclusive songs each by two of the finest young bands from the UK. TEAR TALK (Bleeding Gold Records) give you three slow, touching yet hypnotic and captivating tracks. Beautifully bleak but overwhelmingly charming TEAR TALK take the lo-fi approach without losing any quality to their songs, If anything it enhances the listening experience. TEAR TALK have released 1 EP and 7" single through San Diego (USA) Bleeding Gold Records. We recommend you seek them out.
DEATH MASKS have stepped it up on this release. A sound that brings to mind the wonderful indie of the late 80s/early 90s. Touches of shoegaze that shimmer through scratchy guitar hooks. Lush production captures DEATH MASKS dark brooding pop songs perfectly. Death Masks previous work can be downloaded for FREE from our bandcamp

A bit of a tough call this one. Edils Records release a split EP this week, it contains three tracks from Liverpool band Tear Talk and three from Manchester's Death Masks. There's little to choose between them but we have to say that 'What I See' by Death Masks wins by a nose. It's a quite brilliant, ringing piece of experimental indie with gorgeous guitars and a pile of melody and is generally one of those songs you can just listen to on repeat, but check out the rest of the EP for more quality tunes.

Liverpool based Edils Recordings have releases a split EP from Tear Talk and Death Masks, two of the Merseyside region’s most promising young bands. The opening three tracks come from Tear Talk who are also involved with the brilliant Bleeding Gold Records. There is a charm about their bleak music as can be heard on the brilliant As You Were, while XXY has some brilliant synths whilst verging on the shoegaze. The intro to Put It To Bed is more upbeat but the track still has a gloomy edge to it which is emphasises by some brilliant understated vocals.

Death Masks are a band who were new to me and they didn’t disappoint with their own brand indie pop that has obvious, heavy influence from some of the great eighties bands. Solutions really sets the tone for their contribution to the record and is full of shimmering guitars and fantastic hooks. Next up is What I See which is a fine piece of pop music and builds up into a surprisingly rousing crescendo. Finally Who Built The Walls is the most sedate moment from Death Masks but is still a fine way to wrap up a brilliant record.

Yet another fine release from EDiLs Recordings as they seek to narrow their focus. From the earlier days of sprawling (but very welcome) compilations, they are bringing forth a more refined approach. This split release from Liverpool’s own Tear Talk and Death Masks is a fine lesson in brooding, atmospheric music that isn’t afraid to show neither its light nor dark side.

Tear Talk take up the first 50% of the record and opener ‘As You Were’ immediately calls to mind the hazy rush of Neil Young’s ‘Psychedelic Pill’. The distorted wash remains as a backdrop throughout, carried along by drumming that earns plaudits by being both steady and inventive.

‘XXY’ is a gaunt, fragile number with enough room for the bass to run with the ball for a spell, while ‘Put It To Bed’ combines the best of the two previous tracks. Anything left unsaid is now with Death Masks…

…and a fine job they do of it too. From a great showing at Sound City, the five-piece are due to move onwards and upwards. ‘Solutions’ is a sprightly number, all jangle and shine with a hint of foreboding lying underneath.

‘What I See’ stews in its own juices for a while before powering to a beautiful crescendo. The EP’s closing track ‘Who Built The Walls?’ apes Tear Talk in as much as bringing together the best elements of their other offerings.

Another showcase of the best Liverpool currently has to offer, with EDiLS also set to release Double Echo’s debut LP imminently. In a month that saw a host of international artists ply their trade in the city’s venues, this split is an indication that this city can match them pound-for-pound, song-for-song.

Edils Recordings es uno de esos pequeños sellos acostumbrados a trabajar de forma casi artesanal y desde luego, de manera absolutamente cercana al altruismo. Es por ello por lo que pienso que merecen la pena aparecer en un blog como el nuestro.
Su última referencia se trata de este álbum compartido entre dos bandas británicas que facturan ambas una especie de Pop-Psicodélico con sutiles diferencias.
Tear Talk graban para otros viejos conocidos de TJB: Bleeding Gold Records (te debo algún post, Roger, sorry…), y son una banda de Liverpool, de sonoridad cercana a la Psicodelia y con cierto grado de amateurismo que nos recuerdan a bandas como Beat Happening tras haber digerido previamente a The Fall. Ya han aparecido en TJB con un Ep mucho más Jangle como es Port Sunlight.
Death Masks son un combo mucho más asequible. Jangle-Pop positivo, cuasi festivo y desde luego pegajoso. Provienen de Saint Helens, una ciudad también al noroeste de Inglaterra, y suenan algo así como unos Aztec Camera oyendo las cintas de C86 en su furgo.
Este Ep compartido lo puedes encontrar en el Bandcamp de Evil Records, como siempre a precio de cubata, asequible para cualquier bolsillo, por depauperado que éste se encuentre.


released March 25, 2013



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