1. Bullring
    Gorgeous Bully

  2. Magic Dudes
    Apache Viking

  3. Smiling, Laughing
    Gorgeous Bully

  4. B

  5. A

  6. *Captured Tracks Cassettes*
    CAPTURED TRACKS Cassette Tapes

  7. Thought I Told You To Give Up
    Keira Is You

  8. Real Home
    Soft Arrows

  9. Such A Shame EP
    Lets Say We Did

  10. 9 Tracks (Bleeding Gold Records)
    Aunt Sis

  11. Fractions

  12. Let You Go (Bleeding Gold Records)
    Tape Waves

  13. Ultra Silvam
    Stiu Nu Stiu

  14. Forest

  15. Regis Philbin / Zing Zang (Bleeding Gold Records)
    The Sweets / Petey

  16. Road / Favourite Melody Of The President

  17. Beauty/Duty (Bleeding Gold Records)
    Golden Glow

  18. The Sweets 7" (Bleeding Gold Records
    The Sweets

  19. Life Inside/Rupture/Sylvia
    Double Echo

  20. Two Love Songs - Yer Grandma's Pearls / Mrs Steklenberg
    Stephen Hudson and The Fiat Pandas

  21. If You Fall I'll Fall With You

  22. Phantomime
    Double Echo

  23. All Through The Sinew
    Soft Arrows

  24. Last Row Needs Heroes
    Keira Is You

  25. Overlapping Lives
    Soft Arrows

  26. A Picture Of
    Some Rabbits

  27. Love Exposure
    Coo Woo

  28. Death Masks
    Death Masks

  29. Double Echo

  30. Tear Talk / Death Masks
    Tear Talk / Death Masks

  31. Smooch
    The Sweets

  32. Gang

  33. Places

  34. I Am OK
    I Am OK

  35. I Smile, and I Smile, and I Smile

  36. E/D/I/L/S/ Post Rock Collection

  37. Bear Left (Free Compilation)

  38. Tape Split With Arizona Wilder

  39. Greetings From Cuckoo Bay (Bleeding Gold Records)
    Os Drongos

  40. Music For My Broken Ears (Bleeding Gold Records)

  41. Moon Jelly (Bleeding Gold Records)
    Moon Jelly

  42. Petey / The Sweets (Bleeding Gold Records) Cassette Tape

  43. More Songs About Animals and TV (Bleeding Gold Records)
    Alligator Indian

  44. B R E A T H E (Bleeding Gold Records)
    Tear Talk